Atreya’s Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of our institution is to provide a value-based education molding the young aspirants of Ayurveda with an insight of justified judgment strengthened by science and spirituality facilitating them to practice and preach the science of Ayurveda so that their diligent pursuit of progress and prosperity in life is accomplished to serve selflessly global human community with the excellent health care.

  • Our Mission

    The institute aims to provide unparalleled Ayurvedic medical education, promoting unique treatment approaches, constant research dissemination, global collaboration, excellent patient care, and graduate preparedness for global health challenges.

  • Our Vision

    Creation of a generation eager to propagate , globally , the essence of Ayurveda in health protection, promotion, disease prevention and management emulating themselves before the community with Ayurvedic health care.

Our Objectives

  • To develop a unique pattern of teaching in undergraduate Ayurvedic medical education to widen the acceptance of the concepts of Ayurveda by the growing community of the country.
  • To Augment Ayurvedic learning by bringing together in one place the educational facilities of highest order to provide quality training of all personnel in all disciplines.
  • To instill excellent values of humane in students in their progress towards academic and clinical excellence.