• Laboratories

    The college has a fully developed dissection theatre, modernised physiology laboratory with essential equipments and instruments in quality and count, analytical and pharmacognosy laboratories in the division of raw drugs and prepared medicines , a pathology laboratory exclusively for Department of Pathology (Roga Nidana and Vikruthi Vigyana ) with the provision of practical sessions for students and a high tech central laboratory in the hospital which has redefined the concepts of proximity, accessibility and affordability of routine essential serological and haematological laboratory investigations to the rural population of Dodaballapura.

  • Library

    The central library at Atreya Ayurveda Medical College provides information to the students and teachers with more than 11,000 books including traditional manuscripts and the most recent editions of books of reference in the curriculum with convenient borrowing facilities. Furthermore it holds subscription to periodicals on all subjects related to teaching and research interests of staff and students of the institution. Each department has one departmental library with reference books and periodicals related to that particular specialty. The libraries are open for extensive hours, including evenings and Sunday during examinations.

  • Museums

    Each department has attached museums where more than 500 specimens are categorized and preserved for better understanding of students in the identification and importance of each in health care.

  • Herbal Garden

    Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College has a beautiful well maintained botanical garden of 2 acres with more than 1500 plants in more than 500 species, a few planted in theme beds. Some of the rare and endangered species are protected and reared. The plants are grown in dry climates with the help of overhead sprayers to maintain the humidity and nourishment. The garden is the main source of raw drugs for the pharmacy in the preparation of medicines to be dispensed in the hospital.

  • Hostel

    Spacious and furnished hostel facilities are made available for the students, separate for boys and girls, with complete basic requirements, essential hygiene and healthy food.

  • Classrooms

    The classrooms for lectures and demonstrations are well ventilated, lighted and spacious with all essential teaching aids including audio visual tools accommodating 100 students comfortably. There is a separate seminar hall where the academic sessions and celebrations are conducted. The college provides canteen facilities for the staff and students with delicious meals and snacks. A wide sports ground is maintained with the essential sports equipments for ensuring physically healthy young learners.

  • Digital Access

    The digital library possess 2015 health and medical electronic journal titles, 531 e- videos, 5526 e- books and more than 300 academic databases with accessibility on student computers within the campus. There are extensive reading and study areas for the staff and students along with 10 computers made available for the students with a standard range of software and internet access.

  • Pharmacy

    The pharmacy has a practical training section and a bulk manufacturing section. It is full fledged for the standardised manufacturing of Tailas (oil), Ghritas(ghee) and Churnas (powders). The training section is equipped with provision of convenient learning for 50 students respectively for herbal and herbo-mineral preparations.

  • Canteen

    Nestled amidst the serene premises of the Ayurvedic Medical College, our canteen is more than just a dining space—it's a haven of holistic nourishment. Reflecting the age-old principles of Ayurveda, the canteen offers a diverse range of meals, meticulously prepared using fresh, local, and organic ingredients, ensuring students receive balanced and sattvic nutrition. The menu, curated by seasoned Ayurvedic chefs and nutritionists, changes with the seasons, aligning with Ayurvedic dietary recommendations and the doshas. Spacious, airy, and adorned with elements from nature, the ambiance promotes mindful eating, fostering both physical health and mental tranquility for all who dine here.

  • Sports and Cultural Facilities

    In the vibrant environment of the Ayurvedic Medical College, our sports and cultural events stand as a testament to the holistic development of our students. Balancing the rigorous academics of Ayurveda with physical vitality and cultural richness, these events offer a harmonious blend of athleticism, artistry, and camaraderie. From traditional Indian sports to modern athletic endeavors, students have a plethora of opportunities to hone their physical prowess. Simultaneously, our cultural events dive deep into the heart of India's rich tapestry, showcasing classical dance, music, drama, and much more. These occasions not only enhance the spirit of unity and teamwork but also ensure that the ancient traditions and values we hold dear are celebrated and passed on to the next generation with zest and enthusiasm.